I Lived with Wolves for 72 hours

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We are so thrilled to take a serious step in the direction of enabling you who is currently watching to seek discomfort by connecting more deeply with those around you. From a stranger you just met, old friends or your family, SPARK is designed to both ignite a connection and give you ideas for adventures to go on together!

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THANK YOU to Paula and Steve from Apex Protection Project for being such dedicated wolf savers. It is people like them who dedicate their lives to the service of others whether it be people or animals that help make our planet a better place.

They need help! With both donations or volunteering in person. You can find all the info you’ll need for that here:

These wolves were all abandoned by their owners as people continue to adopt them thinking having a wolf will be fun to have but it is an extremely time consuming and difficult task to raise one. Please do not contribute to this problem and instead go volunteer at a sanctuary and help them get protected in the wild.

To take action on a larger level, please take 5-10min to go to this website https://www.relistwolves.org it will give you all the info on who your legislator is, how to contact them, pre-written emails and everything you can do to help wolves, made as easy as possible for you.

This isn’t just about wolves however, it’s about all species on the planet and protecting our ecosystem. Let’s all do our parts to show we care.

🙏🏼 Thank you for making these videos possible through your support of Seek Discomfort

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