The most merciless fighter in MMA...Tank Abbott all the knockouts of a psycho

This American fighter, like no other, is associated with fights without rules. It was then that the UFC tournaments were called, from which puncher David Lee Abbott, better known as “Tank” Abbott, began his career in mixed martial arts. He described his style as street fighting, which is common in bars and on the streets. Abbott does not have the greatest record in the UFC - 8 wins, 10 losses. But he is a real legend of the promotion, the man who made people watch “fights without rules” in the 90s. “Tank” Abbott not only fought spectacularly but also said only what he thought. He spoke rudely. And this attracted fans and organizers of tournaments. Let's remember his spectacular fights in the UFC and enjoy his powerful knockouts.

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Дата на публикация: 23 май, 2023
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