Storm Large - Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy,
Because I am,
and alive
I'm alive
that's the way I
turn a nose dive into flight.
Call me psycho
cause I am
and also alive
Thank God I'm alive
I make music
out of the voices
in my mind.
And its crazy
helps me to see
this as funny,
helps me feel rich
with no money Honeypie.
Then my brain calls
over and over and on now
cant get away from the shadow land of mine
Call me later
Just to see
see that I got home alive
and I am alright.
I'm just kidding
You know me
I'll be fine
Its just that crazy helped
Makes me feel great without money honeypie.
Then my brians
Call me crazy because I am. Thank god I'm alive

Дата на публикация: 15 март, 2019
Категория: Музика

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