Чeстит рожден ден Унгария! 20.08.2018 St. Stephen’s Day Happy Birthday Hungary

Чeстит рожден ден Унгария! St. Stephen’s Day Happy Birthday Hungary.Festival of the New Bread, a staple of Hungarian cuisine. More than 50 bakeries participate in Budapest alone, filling the city streets with mouth-watering aromas. All those with a sweet tooth look forward to the National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners’ selection of the best recipe to celebrate the country’s foundation, Hungary’s national birthday cake.
The central European nation begins each August 20 by raising the tri-colored flag seen in today’s Doodle — green representing Hungary’s mountains and pastures, white for the rushing rivers, and red for the sacrifices of those who founded the country. After a full day of celebration, the day ends with fireworks exploding in the skies all over the country.
Happy Hungary State Foundation Day!

Дата на публикация: 20 август, 2018
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