Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir_ S01E08 _ Rogercop (BG AUDIO-Pro)

During parents' Career Day in Marinette's class, Chloé loses an expensive bracelet and accuses Marinette of stealing it, as she had just slipped over Chloé's bag. Mr Bourgeois, Chloé's father, orders Officer Roger, Sabrina's father, to arrest Marinette and search her belongings. Officer Roger, however, refuses, saying that he cannot do that, unless there is evidence Marinette stole Chloé's bracelet, as it is against the law. As a result, Mr. Bourgeois, who is the Mayor of Paris, fires Officer Roger. Angry at the mayor for asking him to disobey the law and firing him, Roger becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Rogercop, a RoboCop-themed villain who wants to bring justice to those who break the law.

This episode was first shown in South Korea on 20 October 2015 as episode 8.

Дата на публикация: 13 август, 2016
Категория: Трейлъри и анимация
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