Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero - The Dark Dragon of Legend - Movie - English Fandub

Yugi's neighbour, Shougo Aoyama finds the legendary Red-Eyes Dark Dragon in a pack of Magic and Wizards cards and Kaiba wants it. Kaiba organises a whole tournament to force Shougo to duel him so he can take it. However, Yugi is invited too, knowing that Kaiba can get his revenge. Will Yugi defeat Kaiba and save all the other duelists cards? Or will Kaiba get his hands on the Red-Eyes Dark Dragon?


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Cast and Crew:

Yugi - Chris Marchand / MarchandVO
Yami - Chris Marchand / MarchandVO
Shougo - senkido
Kaiba - Roger / World Legacy
Jonouchi - EditorGX
Honda - Slug Kingsly
Anzu - yugirl
Miho - senkido
Kid 1 - Michell "Scrappy" Fletcher
Kid 2 - RenDaKid
Kid 3 - RenDaKid
Old Woman - yugirl
Goon 1 - Richard Wellington
Goon 2 - Sawyer Cooke
Kemo - Logan O / TimeCrush
Cafe Extras - Logan O / TimeCrush
Goon 3 - Enigma / WhoIsEnigmaYT
Kaiba Dome Announcer - TheMajinV
Rex Raptor - OngakuVA

FIELD OF VIEW performed by OngakuVA

Original Intro Animation by Troll Boogies

Artwork and Logo by FieryDance - https://twitter.com/FieryDnce

English Script by SRFlubber and RadicalzEnigma

Editing done by RadicalzEnigma and EditorGX

Special Thanks to:
Kazuki Takahashi "The True King of Games"
All of the Team Millennium Community!

In House Music Credits:
Sawyer Cooke: https://www.twitter.com/SawyerLeeCooke

The following is a fandub of Yu-Gi-Oh! This is a non-profit fan based dub of the un-dubbed season. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Season 0) is owned by TV Asahi, Toei Animation and Kazuki Takahashi. Please support the official release. #anime #yugioh #season0 #fullepisode #cartoon #manga

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