The Beach Boys - Summer In Paradise The DJ L33 Remix Movie (Entire album remixed SIP 2.0 music vids)

This is the entire Summer In Paradise album remixed. This took me many months to not only remix the audio, but create a music video from scratch for most of the songs, and sync existing videos to the new mixes.

Many of the songs have additional instrumentation and vocals from classic Beach Boys songs, or my own original instrumentation and vocals (eg sections of Slow Summer Dancin' where I sang 4 parts imitating Beach Boy voices for short segments.)

I also recreated the album covers (US & UK) but in more photo real form, and animated them in the film. Every song has a virtual CD Single cover too.

My attempt is not only to shine it up a bit, but hopefully grow the listener base for this album.


0:00 Program Start
0:17 Mike Love / Howard Stern interview
0:42 Summer In Paradise restored Radio Promo as a concept TV commercial
2:05 Hot Fun In The Summertime (DJ L33 Mix)
6:10 Surfin' (DJ L33 Mix)
10:28 Summer Of Love (DJ L33 Mix)
14:06 Island Fever (DJ L33 Mix)
17:47 Still Surfin' (DJ L33 Mix)
22:04 Slow Summer Dancin' (One Summer Night) (DJ L33 Mix)
25:18 Strange Things Happen (DJ L33 Mix)
29:17 Remember "Walking In The Sand" (DJ L33 Mix)
32:36 Lahaina Aloha (DJ L33 Mix)
36:12 Under The Boardwalk (DJ L33 Mix)
41:16 Summer In Paradise (DJ L33 Mix)
45:17 Forever 1992 (DJ L33 Mix)
49:02 EASTER EGG - Bonus Track - Surfin' (DJ L33 Surf Party Mix - Extended Dance Version)
55:10 Closing Credits (music John Stamos Forever (DJ L33 Stereo Remix)
56:57 Bonus Features - Behind the album, mixing and remixing etc.
1:12:02 Beach Boys concert TV commercial
1:12:35 Summer In Paradise 2.0 Movie Promo Video
1:13:35 Before / After remix sampler

Дата на публикация: 8 юни, 2024
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