42:50 Naxxramas Speedrun World Record | Classic WoW Movie

This is a Naxxramas speedrun world record by Five Sunders Please. I have watched a lot of WoW POVs in my life, but I have never found a gameplay footage that was turned into a movie, with effects and 3D scenes. This is the point of view of my rogue, Gwumpyx, playing Seal Fate Improved Expose Armor. But it is also the perspective of a player who tried hard to achieve a world record with their guild. I'm also proud to have created and mastered a pull that has never been done like this before, and that many people are surely waiting to see in this footage. Enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed practicing it.

Thank you again to all my guildmates.
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1) Yes, I didn't unboon for the first boss on purpose
2) I play Seal fate Improve expose armor
3) Yes, the video is 36:25 but the actual run is 42:50- this is a movie so I'v tried to make it as dynamic as possible, which made me cut "boring" parts of the Pov.
4) Yes, the speedrun have been approved by Warcraftlogs: https://vanilla.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/2006#metric=speed&partition=1
5) Yes, I could have min/max much more my damage, but it's like that, sometimes you'r perfect, sometimes you'r not. I guess we have to accept that we are not everytime at our best.
6) Five Sunders Please is a guild from Wow Classic Era servers, the previous world record was set 3 years ago by Noobs a chinese guild.

Дата на публикация: 1 юни, 2024
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