Zanclodon: Dinosaur of the Day

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Archosauriform that lived in the Middle Triassic (around 242 to 237 mya) in what is now Germany (Erfurt Formation)
At one point thought to be a theropod (why we're covering it as a dino of the day), but now considered to be an indeterminate archosauriform
Only know its jaw with teeth, so hard to say what it looked like exactly
Paleoart looks similar to Megalosaurus (jaw full of sharp teeth, walked on two legs)
Large, predatory archosaur
Fossil found is a maxilla (jawbone) with teeth, that was found in the Gaildorf Alumn Mine
Specifically, a left maxilla with five slightly recurved teeth
Other fossils attributed to Zanclodon by the person who named Zanclodon but they've been lost
Another fossil assigned to Zanclodon is a loose germ tooth (a tooth that was forming)
Teeth are not serrated (considered to be its unique feature)
For a while, was a wastebasket taxon
Now, type and only species is Zanclodon laevis
Genus name means "scythe tooth" or "sickle tooth"
Originally named Smilodon in 1846 by Plieninger, but Smilodon was already being used for the saber-toothed cat
In 1847, got the replacement name Zanclodon


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