ASKA #1 • Extensive Open World Survival x Viking Colony-Sim (No Commentary Full Demo Gameplay)

Part 1 ASKA Full Demo Playlist: Lay claim to unspoiled lands and pave the way for a fierce Viking tribe. Craft the ultimate settlement solo or together with up to x3 friends. Trust in the Gods and the power of the Eye of Odin and summon intelligent NPC villagers to provide camaraderie and relief from the toils of survival. • Walkthrough of the demo of ASKA • Only pure, blind and uncut Gameplay of the full demo content playthrough playthrough - in this episode with the basics of the base building and first steps into the colony-sim features!
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Game: ASKA
Developer/Publisher: Sand Sailor Studio/Thunderful Publishing
Genre: Survival, Colony-Simulation
Sub-Genre: Open World Survival Craft, Action-Adventure, Exploration, Base Building, Ressource & Inventory Management, Strategy, Coop, Single- and Multiplayer, Medievel, Fantasy, Sandbox
Release-Date: 20 june 2024

Description from the Steampage: "In ASKA, strive to build a self-sustaining Viking tribe, working, crafting, hunting and fighting together. Command and organize intelligent NPC villagers, working and fighting alongside them.
Live out your Viking fantasy solo or with up to x3 friends.
Command villagers and build your tribe from the ground up, hunting for resources, and surviving against ancient threats and the darkest winters.
Assign each villager various jobs as they contribute to the tribe and leave their own mark on the settlement.
Construct housing, workshops, mines, farms, defences and more as you expand your village.
Discover hidden caves and explore further to harvest more valuable resources.
Explore a fantastical, completely procedurally generated world filled with secrets, landmarks and threats, keeping every session dynamic and fresh.
Experience realistic and dynamic weather system across the world, with survival priorities shifting in turn with the seasons.
Fight a variety of mythical enemies in exciting skill-based combat.
Customize buildings with functional furniture and various decorative items.
Houses, workshops, defences, altars and more - the design of your village and your economy is in your hands. Each structure is handcrafted in wonderful detail, creating a functional and visually impressive Viking settlement.
Players construct and live in their settlement. Build, work and fight alongside the tribe, walk through the town you helped build and witness full production cycles being carried out. For the tribe to function coherently, each individual member must also have their own personal needs met. They have daily schedules, and need rest, food, drink, and companionship to survive. You’re not just building a base - you’re building a living village.
Training villagers increases their abilities whether in battle or their chosen vocation. Cultivating skilled blacksmiths will benefit the tribe, while proficient hunters will be able to explore further into the world gathering additional materials to feed the tribe more effectively.
A wise tribe leader prepares for war in times of peace… In these mystical lands, an ancient evil has been dwelling in the shadows, waiting for the first frost to fall. During the harshest season of all, while your tribe is battling the elements, the dark inhabitants of this world prepare to strike..."

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PC Gameplay of the indiegame Aska - Episode 1 English Playthrough by Abs Pure Gameplay Videos / Ab's Pure Gameplay Videos

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