Ibiza Deep House - Deep House 2024, Mega Hits Mix

Ibiza Deep House - Deep House 2024, Mega Hits Mix 101
Tik-Tok Playlist Mix made with Love by Youtube Music Channel:
00:00:00 | 01. Luna Reid - Nightfall
00:02:58 | 02. Playa del Carmen - Elysian
00:05:08 | 03. ANDREA - Amor Peligroso (MD DJ
00:08:04 | 04. BlackJack x Rawanne x Karina - Princessa (Para Deep Remix)
00:10:57 | 05. Otilia - Prisionera Mario Joy Remix
00:14:13 | 06. Myla Harley - Strawberry
00:16:43 | 07. Mario Joy - Ganja (SFERAX REMIX)
00:20:43 | 08. Para Deep - Fun Creator
00:23:25 | 09. Otilia - Prisionera Sedat Erkan Remix
00:25:54 | 10. BlackJack x Rawanne x Karina - Princessa (Para Deep Remix)

We have best of tropical deep house music like 'Luna Reid Nightfall' for chillout lounge or any summer day of your life. In this summer mix we have also 'Playa del Carmen Elysian', a vocal song extracted from a Mega Hit compilation of vocal deephouse. Even if you run, study, read a book this vocal deephouse bass boosted 'Amor Peligroso (MD DJ' song can make you have very happy devine feeling about life. Theese first four tracks from this summer mix can be best for car music also, on a long ride, in your holiday at the Ibiza beach. The fourth vocal song of the deep chillout playlist mix is 'Princessa (Para Deep Remix)' and have a very sweet vocal and is in tropical deep house music style of 2023 - 2024. Sometimes there are bass boosted or electro house music in the playlist mix.

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This is a official artistic music video with the purpose to explore the captivating beauty of our world through the lens of our talented and beautiful models and the creative direction of Robert Willy Ander, Matthew Garcia, Joseph Wilson. In this visually stunning presentation, our girls models are Sophia Jones, Sophia Jones, Sophia Jones, Scarlett Harris, Ava Williams, elegantly showcase the allure of various breathtaking locations worldwide.

Дата на публикация: 17 май, 2024
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: House MIX deep Hits Mega Ibiza 2024

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