How Would the US & NATO Fight a Nuclear War?

Today we’re going explore the unthinkable: How would the United States and its NATO allies respond during a Nuclear conflict?

When we first came up with this concept, we aimed to cover the America's Nuclear Triad and it's Russian Nuclear War Plan in one concise video, but one video turned into three. So here's full version of "How Would the United States Fight a Nuclear War?" as it was originally intended. Enjoy!


Probable Nuclear Targets in United Kingdom, 1972:

Probable Nuclear Targets in France:

Soviet Union Central European Target List, 1979:

United States Target List, 1956:

Probable United States Counterforce Targets:

US Russian Counterforce Target List:

Pakistan Counterforce Target List:

North Korea Counterforce Target List:

Дата на публикация: 9 май, 2024
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