NINA HAGEN LIVE LONDON 24/02/1992 (Soundboard full show)

EXCELLENT SOUND ! This bootleg is a soundboard recording of Nina Hagen's concert at Town & Country Club in London, UK, during the "Street Party Tour". I illustrated this video with professional pictures I own from this show.

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00:00:00 TV Glotzer
00:05:09 Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)
00:07:48 Berlin (ist dufte)
00:13:20 New York NY
00:18:13 Ruler Of My Heart
00:22:07 African Reggae
00:26:16 Nina 4 President
00:30:38 Hold Me (Mahalia Jackson)
00:36:05 In My World
00:40:01 Divine, Love, Sex & Romance
00:43:55 Zarah (Ich weiss...)
00:46:37 Blumen fur die Damen
00:49:48 Only Seventeen
00:56:02 Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
01:00:57 Dope Sucks (Herman Brood)
01:03:42 The Lord's Prayer
01:10:27 Ave Maria
01:15:28 Live On Mars
01:19:51 My Way

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