Heavy Metal L-Gaim: Full Metal Soldier (1987) [Side Story OVA] [480p] [English Captions]

Yoshiyuki Tomino's 1984 mecha anime Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

A side story taking place somewhere before the second half of the series, prior to Daba acquiring the L-Gaim Mk-II. Daba's comrade Leccee is captured by Poseidal's forces, and Daba and his rebels attempt to save her.

The reason why the full title is "Heavy Metal L-Gaim III: Full Metal Soldier" is because the two previous OVA's recapped the whole story from what I understand if so then why name the side story episode 3, this is some serious Patlabor movie level BS where the 3rd film is a side story instead of a proper sequel. But whatever, I hope you enjoy!

This is the highest quality rip of L-Gaim that you can find online, I thought that I may as well share it and start uploading the episodes with English captions to YouTube since every time I try to upload the rest of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA it gets blocked.

I might upscale a few of the early episodes of this series just for the sake of it but it is low priority at the moment since I am working on a certain other project and that this rip is not lossless so the quality I will get out of the upscale won't be amazing however since the DVD I am using seems to be based off a 16mm film print with loads of noise the level of detail isn't too bad. either way I am just rambling at this point, enjoy the show!

Dear YouTube Algorithm: This is not for kids for fuck sake please do not mark it as such bitch bastard! OH GOD! OH FUCK!

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