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Play firefighter games.
Welcome to fireman fireman simulator. Your fire station equipped with the latest fire truck is waiting for you to join these fire truck games. This firefighter game is an intense, exciting, mission-oriented 3D firefighting and rescue simulation game.

EMERGENCY HQ are rescue simulation games:
Do you have what it takes to become a firefighter? Fight chaos! Play the Fireman game. Build your base and assemble the perfect team of emergency services! Use the fire department, rescue service, police and technical units to complete missions with your firefighter!

Fire Game: Firefighter Simulator
Fire trucks navigate through the firefighter simulator, overcoming the challenges of managing a team in emergency situations. The fires that need to be extinguished range from small fires to large areas of fire. Your firefighting skills will be tested to put out fires and save lives by carrying a first aid kit. The emergency fire department serves as a critical center for emergency response and firefighting simulations. Firefighters' rescue skills are unmatched, ensuring the safety and protection of citizens in the event of a fire. Firefighter team emergency management is critical to effectively responding to fires and other natural disasters.

Fire station where your fire trucks are ready for rescue missions! By playing our firefighter games you can drive a firetruck, an ambulance or pilot a helicopter! Dress the firefighter in protective gear, hop into the fire truck and go!
Please protect our home from recruit to leader! Build your fire base! The higher the rank! The more vehicles you can deploy, unlock! At Truck Emergency Services Headquarters, an experienced team of firefighters coordinates rapid response to a variety of emergency situations.

Rescue Games Fire Truck Simulator 2023.
Fire Truck Driving Simulator is not only designed as part of our line of exciting games, everyone can join in this intense action and become a hero!

Features of Fire Truck Simulator 2023:
- Open world of fire fighting!
- Fires in cars and buildings that need to be extinguished
- Unlock new fire trucks as you complete missions and explore.
- Realistic fire trucks
- Intelligent AI city traffic
- Dynamic HD camera angles with full camera control
- Huge city to explore! Either drive or explore on foot!
- Huge sprawling city with tons of traffic
- Easy to play, simple controls, fun to play with the whole family!
- Full controller support
- Play on your Android phone, tablet or TV

Дата на публикация: 1 март, 2024
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