12 Scariest Bear Encounters Ever Filmed in Russia

12 Scariest Bear Encounters Ever Filmed in Russia

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Credit to the owners of these clips:
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In this compilation video, we go over multiple clips from bear attacks, encounters and even charges. What makes these ''caught on camera'' moments so scary is the fact that they were filmed in remote areas like a forest, national parks, alaska, russia and canada.

Encounters with black bears, brown bears and even kodiak bears are actually way more common than you might think. They often happen to people who are hiking, camping, mountain biking or even hunting.

It just turns out that some of them were lucky enough to capture footage of these near death experiences that almost went wrong on camera and go pro. This leads to some very creepy videos.

Thankfully, many people on hikes carry bear spray, which prevents their bear encounter from turning into ''gone wrong'' viral moments.

Get ready, because these bear vs man moments that could easily be considered near death experiences are sure to give you the chills.

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