iPhone Battery Saving Tips That Actually Work [iOS 17.2]

David talks about iOS 17 battery saving tips that actually work on iPhone! Some of the settings we'll discuss are brand new in iOS 17. Others we've talked about, but they're too important to ignore -- and some of them have a way of getting turned back on after an iOS update. We'll also discuss the #1 and #2 things Apple says will drain your iPhone battery and, perhaps more importantly, what they won't say about battery health -- at least publicly.

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1. Signal Strength Is Key [0:11]
2. F 5G [1:03]
3. P.U. To The EQ [2:04]
4. Those Pesky Sounds & Haptics [2:51]
5. Take Control of The Background [4:05]
6. The 3 Levels of Auto-Brightness [5:01]
7. The Controversial Tip [6:36]
8. Fewer Distractions = More Battery [7:26]
9. Turn Off Your Family [8:27]
10. Oldie But Importantie #1 [9:10]
11. System Services [10:04]
12. The Setting He Won't Shut Up About [10:58]
13. Low Power Mode [11:48]
14. New Battery Information! [12:40]
15. New Charging Options [13:52]
16. Update Your iPhone [14:19]
17. Restore Your iPhone [15:17]
18. iPhones Don't Like Extremes [15:52]

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