How to Protect your Windows Laptop in 2024 | The Only Tutorial You Need!

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There are about 10 steps that I do to boost my Windows security when I get a new Windows PC or reinstall Windows. And today, I’m gonna share all of them with you.


📍Is Windows Defender good enough?

First of all, you need to make sure that your Windows security tools are working properly. Obviously, don’t keep WINDOWS DEFENDER OFF for no reason, since it’s the main layer of protection against malware. Among the Windows security tools, you’ll also notice a Firewall. Windows Defender has a pretty good one, made to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic for suspicious activity. So keep this one active as well. Now, you’re much better off with a third-party antivirus, but if you don’t have one Windows Defender is a very important layer of protection.


📍Is it worth getting a third-party antivirus?

For OS security and protection I highly recommend getting a third-party antivirus. Separate antivirus tools receive more regular updates and they are suaully much more powerful in terms of protection. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they will protect you 100% of the time, since no software is fool-proof – but a third party antivirus will often do a better job than Windows Defender. If you want recommendations, Bitdefender and Norton are good ones to start with.


📍Should you use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network , which is what a VPN stands for, is good for quite a few things – from encrypting my data and changing my IP address to accessing geo-blocked content. It’s also gonna protect you while using public wifi, and some VPN for PC options come with extra features – like ad blockers, for example. There are tons of VPN for Windows options to choose from, but if you’re just getting started with improving your Windows Security, I recommend looking into ones that cover a few security tools at once.

00:00 Intro
Step 1 – Window Security
Step 2 – Enable automatic updates
Step 3 – Remove (SOME) pre-installed software
Step 4 – Create separate accounts
Step 4.5 – Assign admin rights
Step 5 – Create strong passwords
Step 6 – Get a third-party antivirus
Step 7 – Using a VPN for online security
Step 8 – Be careful when browsing
Step 9 – Check software download sources
Step 10 – Backup your data


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