Lisa Frankenstein-Movie Review

Lisa Frankenstein (2024)
Directed by: Zelda Williams
Written by: Diablo Cody

From the writer of "Juno", "Jennifer's Body" and "United States of Tara" with the new coming-of-RAGE, romance-horror-comedy film "Lisa Frankenstein".

When a freak accident reanimates a corpse from the abandoned cemetery where she loves spending time, troubled teenager Lisa must keep his arrival a secret from her family and classmates, all while deciding how much she wants to help him, and at what cost.

What did you think of Lisa Frankenstein? Was this an amazing movie? What is your favorite Diablo Cody script? What is a horror-comedy recommendation? Let me know in the comments below!

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Дата на публикация: 27 февруари, 2024
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