Disco Funky House mix#8 - Funky Groove Jam #funkyhouse #housemusic #disco

Step into the groove with 'Funky Groove Jam'! This mix is your ticket to a funky disco adventure, blending classic vibes with a modern twist. Get ready to lose yourself in pulsating rhythms and infectious beats that'll have you dancing all night long.
So turn up the volume, let the music take control, and join us on this electrifying journey through the funky side of house music!🤍🖤


00:00 Give It to You (Original Mix) - Ziggy Phunk
03:48 Who Is He? feat. Kevin Haden (Claptone Extended Remix) - Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden
06:28 Shined On Me feat. Andrea Love (Les Bisous Extended Remix) - Praise Cats, Andrea Love
09:48 The Answer - Eugenio Fico
12:50 I Got You - Sandro Puddu
15:37 U Want (Extended Mix) - Mademoiselle Sabah
18:13 4 Your Love (Extended Mix) - Brothas & Sistas
21:11 Mercury Superstar (Original Mix) - DJ Cucky, Benny Di Gioia
23:58 Don't You Want My Love (Extended Mix) - Super Disco Club
27:06 Hide Yourself - Eugenio Fico
29:56 Dancin (Original mix) - Babes on the Run
32:59 Feel the Groove (Original Mix) - Crazibiza, Afroheads
35:37 It's A Sprititual Thing - Eugenio Fico
38:27 Try It - Groove Motion
41:34 Bateau Blanc (Extended Mix) - Flush
45:03 Dance (Crazibiza Remix) - Luca Debonaire

Дата на публикация: 25 февруари, 2024
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: House MIX Jam groove disco Funky funkyhouse housemusic

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