X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Remake Walkthrough

This Remake is a special mode included within the Marvel Infinity War Game, it has been available since its latest version in January 2022 on the website zvitor.com, however the changes shown here in this video in the stages and characters should be released soon.
Jumping on the X-Men 97 hype train, I decided to test the full X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Remake, this mode is not intended to be identical to the original, the stages are shortened vertically to avoid camera problems when playing with 4 players, and many bosses like the Helicopter from the Gambit stage are impossible to do here, it would be necessary for all characters to have a move that shoots upwards.
With this test I like to observe the time each level takes, if there is one that is too long, and I was able to observe some bugs, such as Magneto changing to the Magneto Konami palette when he receives Hit, Tusk is coming out on the screen, he almost got stuck outside of it if he took a slightly stronger punch and Rogue isn't catching Cyclops' power, maybe it was just bad luck.
Any feedback is welcome.

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