11-year wait for woman whose face was ripped off by a gun | 60 Minutes Australia

A woman gets a prosthetic after her face was ripped off by a shotgun.

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*Synopsis | A Brave Face (2010)*
We try not to judge people by their appearance. But like it or not our face is an important part of our identity. It tells us who we are. And the expressions we make let others know how we feel. So imagine what life must be like for Chrissy Steltz. At the age of sixteen, her face was literally blown away by a shotgun. She lost her eyes, cheeks, nose and shattered her upper jaw - all the features we use to recognise ourselves and each other. For eleven years she has lived behind a mask. But medicine can perform miracles. Liz Hayes was there the day Chrissy got her face back.

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Дата на публикация: 19 февруари, 2024
Категория: Новини
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