Ultima III Retrospective | Origins & Exoduses

In 1983 the Garriott brothers, dissatisfied with the state of the industry, took matters into their own hands, forming the now legendary Origin Systems. Within a year, the developer released Ultima III: Exodus - a game regarded as foundational not only within its own series, but for RPGs in general. This video chronicles the story of Richard Garriott's exodus from Sierra, and the origin of Origin Systems.

This is the 3rd video in my Ultima Retrospective series. Watching earlier parts isn't necessary to enjoy this video, but it is recommended. They can be found here:
Akalabeth & Ultima I: https://youtu.be/wIWyHd3FFFU
Ultima II: https://youtu.be/SCpkK25wfvw


Music used in this video (with timestamps):

Running list of sources used in the Ultima Retrospective:

00:00 - Introduction
5:13 - Release & Backlash
8:07 - Ports & Preamble
15:25 - Character Creation & Combat
27:08 - Humble Beginnings
33:28 - Exploration
38:06 - Ambrosia
42:34 - Dungeon Crawling
47:02 - Mythologizing Ultima
50:35 - Storming the Castle
54:45 - Ultima III Conclusion
57:14 - Origin After Exodus
1:01:22 - Credits + Q&A

Дата на публикация: 11 февруари, 2024
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