Vance Brothers After GTA Vice City Stories ( 1984 - 1986 )

After GTA Vice City Stories Vance brothers ( Vic and Lance ) decided to stay low for a while and stay out of town. They went to Panama, where they spent few years staying low, enjoying sunny beach, speeboats, water... Lance still missing criminal life and always tries to persuade Vic to continue criminal life, but Vic knows that drugs means trouble and he doesn't want to be a drug dealer anymore, Lance kept a drug farm in Panama, and still using drugs. Victor Vance started griefing his loved girl Louise who was killed by Mendez, so Victor started drinking, overthinking, because laying low made him think about it a lot... unfortunately Vic changed after 2 years of his alcohol addiction... Vic agreed with Lance's offer to continue criminal life, but unfortunately coming back to Vice City ends in tragedy when drug deal was ambushed by Diaz man...

This is my idea of how Vic and Lance tried to stay low for few years until
fatal tragedy where Victor Vance unfortunately died...

Character Stories :

00:00 Leaving Vice City & Staying Low
3:46 2 Years Later
5:39 Vice City Deal ( Gone Wrong )

Salsa soundtrack by :
Thank You.


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