When An Entitled Girl Thinks She's Too Pretty to Get Arrested...

When An Entitled Girl Thinks She's Too Pretty to Get Arrested...

Welcome back true crime fans. Today we feature the DUI arrest of an entitled girl. Sadie was arrested on October 31 2021 by Officer Bertzlaf of the Eustace Police Department for driving under the influence. Obviously she doesn’t accept any responsibility for her mistake and doesn’t show any respect to the police officers. In fact, she states that her mother is an ex-cop, which obviously means that Sadie knows more about FST’s and law enforcement than the officer arresting her. After this attempt at logic fails and she gets arrested anyway, Sadie comes up with another genius idea. She realized that she is far too pretty to get arrested. “I'm too pretty for jail” might be one of the funniest and most delusional statements I have ever heard. In the end she refused all breathalyzer and blood draw tests at the station and was booked into Lake county jail without incident.

Note for YouTube's review team, here is the context of the video: this is an educational documentary and authoritative news piece based on actual police documents and case files. Our goal is to educate the public, inform our audience, and raise awareness.

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