ZOMBIE Full Movie (2024): Apocalypse Z | New Horror English Film | FullHDvideos4me (Game Movie)

ZOMBIE Full Movie (2024): Apocalypse Z | New Horror English Film | FullHDvideos4me (Game Movie)
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If you are looking for a horror film in English, this zombie full movie is definitely worth watching! Based on the cutscenes of the game The Last of Us Part II, this fan fiction starts with zombie Apocalypse survivor stories, as Judith and Maya manage to escape from the zombies.

Watch the zombie movie in full length to see the apology of Judith to Glenn for her behavior as they begin their journey towards finding the quarantine zone to survive the zombies. Meanwhile, Judith and Tara are living in the moment, enjoying a cup of coffee. But it is cut short by a zombie raid!

Tommy, Daryl, and Jadis fight against the zombies and succeed in warding them off. However, a conflict among the survivors causes Jadis to beat Daryl. As the zombie full movie continues, we see Judith tell Tommy about the plan for avenge. But he goes to Seattle alone, leaving her behind. After finding out the truth, Judith and Tara decide to go after him.

During their journey of tracing the Apocalypse Raiders, Judith has a glimpse of the past. She thinks about the hard und hurtful truth, which upsets her even more. The duo reaches Seattle and finds Tommy, but where are the Raiders? Jadis shows up with an attack on the Survivors. She recalls the beautiful time before the virus outbreak.

Coming back to the present in the zombie full movie, the Raiders plan the attack to get done with Judith and the others. Jadis decides to look for Owen and thinks of the time when they skipped training and took the trip for two to enjoy the view. That was a moment of peace, shortly followed by Christmas in the zombie Apocalypse Z.

In a chaotic turn of events, we see the ambush of the Raiders and the escape of the ambush with the help of the Outlaws, Gwen and Monica. Jadis takes Gwen to Owen to help heal her.

The survivors part ways with the Raiders, but we see the return of the Raiders when Gwen and Monica’s mom is killed. Jadis takes Monica and manages to escape from the threat of Barry and his men.

This horror film in English continues with a battle between the Raiders versus Survivors. Jadis is upset about the broken promise by Judith to let her friends live, and beats her up. As Judith lies in a pool of blood, she recalls the memories before the virus outbreak with Tara and Daryl.

Be excited about the end of Apocalypse Z, as we witness the avenge of the survivors and the kidnapping of Jadis. The horror film in English continues with the rescue of the Survivors and their final fight against the Raiders. As the Survivors continue on the trail of the virus outbreak, we see Daryl and Judith share a father-daughter moment in the outro.

In the following, you will receive an overview of what to expect from our fan project Apocalypse Z, a full zombie movie released for 2024.

0:00 Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Stories
11:29 The Apology
14:46 Finding the Quarantine Zone
18:59 Living in the Moment
25:56 The Zombie Raid
30:30 Conflict among the Survivors
33:37 The Plan for Avenge
41:18 Finding out the Truth
47:14 A Glimpse of the Past
53:43 Tracing the Apocalypse Raiders
1:03:00 Hard & hurtful Truth
1:06:50 Where are the Raiders?
1:14:38 Attack on Survivors
1:21:07 Before the Virus Outbreak
1:23:21 Raiders plan the Attack
1:28:34 The trip for two
1:30:53 A moment of Peace
1:33:30 Christmas in the Zombie Apocalypse
1:36:51 Ambush of the Raiders
1:41:07 Escape of the Ambush
1:58:17 Survivors part ways with Raiders
2:00:49 Return of the Raiders
2:04:30 Escape from the Threat
2:07:09 Raiders vs. Survivors
2:10:47 The Broken Promise
2:16:41 Memories before the Virus Outbreak
2:16:58 The Avenge of the Survivors
2:19:53 The Kidnapping
2:24:40 Rescue of Survivors
2:31:23 Final Fight between Survivors & Raiders
2:35:55 On the trail of the Virus Outbreak
2:40:28 Outro

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