Billboard Bottom Hits 1994 (without rap)

Songs which peaked between #51 and #100 in Billboard Hot 100 in 1994, in chronological order (about 120 songs).
It's not the Volume 2 of "Top Pop Songs USA 1994" because this one is based on American Radio Charts.
Bottom video is based on Billboard.
So it could have songs in common in these both videos.

List of rap songs I took off (sorry for rap fans !) :

jeru the damaja - come clean
krs one - sound of da police
too short - money in the ghetto
gang starr – mass appeal
shyheim – on and on
queen latifah – just another day
masta ace inc – born to roll
wu tan clang – cream
a tribe called quest – electric relaxation
2 pac – papa’z song
nas – it ain’t hard to tell
black moon – i got cha opin
crooklyn dodgers – crooklyn
smif n wessun – bucktown
nice & smooth – old of the new
king just – warrior’s drum
gravediggaz – diary of a madman
e-40 – captain save a hoe
mad lion – take it easy
house of pain – oh point
rayvon – no guns no murder
the lady of rage – afro puffs
pmd – i saw it cummin
digable planets – 9th wonder
fu- schnickens – breakdown
lords of the underground – tic toc
brand nubian – word is bond
slick rick – behind bars
shaquille o neal – biological didn’t bother
dru down – pimp of the year

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