FPS Games Are Dying. Here's Why.

FPS games die so quickly these days. I think I know why, and I think I know the solution...
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Dying Games
2:08 Progression
3:31 The Finals
5:13 New Trends
8:18 Conclusion

FPS first person shooter games like the finals, call of duty/cod/black ops/modern warfare, battlefield, battle royale games have had issues lately with skins, lack of free content, loot boxes, microtransacitons, monetization, and many other aspects of their weapons and guns and things. These games are dying and making it so people say that video games and gaming aren't fun anymore. I think the cause of this can be linked to tiktok, funny tiktoks, subway surfers, and family guy funny moments as I explain in the video. Games have crazy metas, like the best meta and guns and gadgets in the finals. Is the finals dying? Is Call Of Duty dead? Competitive scenes and valorant and counter strike cs csgo get stale because of the metas and best things and guns and strategies. Idk what I'm typing at this point but it's about the video and fps games for sure.

Дата на публикация: 30 януари, 2024
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