GTA 5 - Shin Godzilla's Fifth Form Destroyed Los Santos City

In its fifth formidable form, Shin Godzilla unleashed unprecedented havoc upon Los Santos, its searing atomic breath reducing skyscrapers to ashes and sending shockwaves through the city's core. The once-bustling metropolis now lay in ruins, a somber testament to the colossal destruction wrought by the monstrous behemoth.

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✫GTA V Mods By : JulioNIB
✫Model: By :

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✫i9 11900K 5.30 GHz
✫Zotac RTX 3090
✫Windows 10 Prox64
✫Corsair 1000w
✫ACER VG240YPbmiipx 144Hz


Дата на публикация: 29 януари, 2024
Категория: Игри
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