How SHARKS have changed in GTA games? (2002 - 2013)

Sharks are more common in most of the Grand Theft Auto games. This videos shows you how "Sharks" have changed in Grand Theft Auto games over the years!

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*In GTA San Andreas, it is still not 100% confirmed that Sharks are appearing NORMALLY within gameplay. But sharks are there in game files. Personally for me, I followed most of the online tutorials to make a shark appear in San Andreas. Tried for hours but no luck. Finally I swapped the in game files (Dolphin model with shark) to make them appear more frequently in the game. So these Sharks in the video are the real (original) model. NOT any introduced Shark mods.


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Дата на публикация: 26 декември, 2023
Категория: Игри
Ключови думи: In 2002 How have gta games 2013 changed Sharks

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