Slammiversary 2007 | FULL PPV | Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe vs AJStyles vsJeff Jarrett

Slammiversary from Nashville Tennessee on June 17, 2007
Featuring Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJStyles and Jeff Jarret in a King of the Mountain match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!
Plus, Sting vs. Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship, Abyss vs. Tomko in a No-DQ Match, Rhino and Senshi vs LAX and MORE!

0:00 - TNA promo
0:09 - PPV promo
2:47 - PPV Open
4:22 - LAX (with Konnan) vs. Rhino and Senshi.
15:39 - Mike Tenay and Don West preview tonight's card.
17:17 - Video package - King of the Mountain.
20:34 - Backstage interview with Eric Young (with Ms. Brooks and Gail Kim).
22:17 - Tale of the Tape - The X Division Championship.
23:03 - Kevin Nash comes to ringside.
23:44 - Sonjay Dutt enters.
24:46 - X Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal.
36:44 - Video package - The history between Frank Wycheck and James Storm.
39:09 - Backstage with James Storm (and Jackie Moore).
40:19 - James Storm and Ron Killings (with Jackie Moore) vs. Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn (with Kyle Vanden Bosch).
52:16 - Mike Tenay and Don West look ahead to Bob Backlund and Alex Shelley.
52:51 - Video package - A look at Bob Backlund and Alex Shelley.
54:19 - Alex Shelley vs. Bob Backlund.
1:02:12 - Ringside with Mike Tenay and Don West.
1:02:27 - Christopher Daniels calls out Sting.
1:05:04 - Video package - The history between The Voodoo Kin Mafia and Basham and Damaja (with Christy Hemme).
1:06:15 - Basham and Damaja (with Christy Hemme) vs. The Voodoo Kin Mafia.
1:13:14 - Backstage with Jim Cornette and Rick Steiner.
1:13:57 - LAX attacks Hector Guerrero.
1:14:47 - Video package - The history between Robert Roode and Eric Young.
1:15:58 - Robert Roode (with Ms. Brooks) vs. Eric Young.
1:29:19 - Backstage with Team 3D.
1:31:43 - Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner and Road Warrior Animal.
1:42:10 - Video package - The history between Christopher Daniels and Sting.
1:43:49 - Christopher Daniels vs. Sting.
1:52:55 - Video package - The history between Abyss and Tomko.
1:54:19 - Backstage with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko.
1:56:03 - Tomlo vs. Abyss - No DQ.
2:12:07 - Backstage with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.
2:12:51 - Jeff Jarrett's tribute to his wife Jill and to TNA.
2:19:19 - Jim Cornette announces Chris Harris as the 5th participant in the main event.
2:21:21 - King of the Mountain match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship.

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