Build A Music Producer Career (From Scratch)

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Dark Label is a unique business support group specifically designed for professional music producers. Our community consists of esteemed individuals, ranging from multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producers to renowned music YouTubers and entrepreneurs. Our main objective is to foster an environment where members can collaborate, support one another, and cultivate long-term careers that provide: a) Financial stability b) Creative freedom and c) Lifestyle flexibility.

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Build A Music Producer Career (From Scratch)

A lot of producers are trying to "win the game" when they aren't even on the playing field yet. In this video I walk you through twelve steps to follow that will help you build a sustainable career as a working music producer despite the market becoming more saturated. It's not the easy way. It's not the only way. But it's a way that I know works...

1. Start with an advantage by putting yourself in the most optimal position to pursue this career.

2. Apprentice under a veteran music producer to develop your skills and gain experience working with established artists & songwriters.

3. Use that experience to put together a portfolio that proves without a doubt that you can make great songs at a higher standard than the average producer.

4. Increase your value in the market by throughly understanding how to develop talent and how the music business works. Fill your toolbox with people and resources that you can bring to the table when needed.

5. By completing steps 1 - 4, you can now present yourself to the market with a newfound confidence — feeling 100% certain that you can deliver and be willing to promote yourself without any fear or insecurity.

6. Set measurable income goals and have a way to track your progress preferably under the guidance and accountability of an advisor and/or manager.

7. Do everything in your power to ensure that enough people know about you until you reach a point where paid work is coming to you. You’re now in demand.

8. Implement a business model that provides a consistent income, is fair to people you serve, and ensures the projects you work on have the highest chance of gaining traction.

9. Practice leadership, selflessness, and ethics in all of your business affairs.

10. Now that you’re a working producer… Leverage your reputation to expand your network so that you can contribute to projects that will add value to your catalog and lead to bigger opportunities.

11. Develop an entrepreneurial spirit and diversify your income streams so that you don’t have to depend on anyone else for your long-term financial security.

12. Give back by creating new opportunities for the next generation of music makers.


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