Stunt Compilation II • GTA San Andreas & Vice City

Another montage of stunt jumps from GTA San Andreas, Vice City & MTA (Multi Theft Auto). Since the last compilation I started stunting in Vice City, which is quite difficult, but I managed to land some good ones.

*Part 1:*

🔊 Dark by Design - From Dust
🔊 Zentiments - Bust That! (D'Styler Full Test Mix)

Vehicles used: NRG-500, FCR-900, PCJ-600, Sanchez, Freeway, Angel, HPV1000, Infernus, Turismo, Bullet, Jester, Zebra Cab, Vortex

Дата на публикация: 28 ноември, 2023
Категория: Игри
Ключови думи: compilation Stunt city gta II andreas san Vice

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