What's Left of New York's Central Railroad | LOST FOREVER

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00:00 - When Train Tracks Ran on the Road - The New York Central Railroad
01:13 - The Unification of the New York Rails | The Birth of New York Central Railroad
03:27 - How Cornelius Vanderbilt Built a Rail Empire | The Age of the Commodore
06:20 - The Wild West Side & The St. Johns Train Terminal
10:00 - Why Running Trains on Street level is a horrible idea | New York’s “West Side cowboys”
11:56 - When New York moved their Railroad above street level | The High Line
12:39 - The Peak of New York Central Railroad
14:28 - When the U.S. seized the New York Central Rail Road.
15:39 - The Demise of New York Central Railroad
17:25 - The Legacy of New York Central Railroad

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Дата на публикация: 21 ноември, 2023
Категория: История и нации
Ключови думи: What Forever Left of new lost York Central RAILROAD

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