Resident Evil 2: The last escape [ Playstation 1 MOD ]

Resident Evil 2 : The last escape it's my latest mod creation , and maybe the last one in a long time, as i already finished all my projects or upcoming mods. All the new stuff that feature this mod it's down below. So far there's no dl links as this mod needs to be finished in terms like adding the custom intro and ending.

+ New Rooms
+ Randomized weapons and ammo
+ Randomized enemies
+ New routes
+ Hidden rooms
+ More enemies
+ Less red herbs
+ New enemies skins
+ Enemie drops
+ few new 3D models
+ New messages in some rooms
+ Runner Zombies in some rooms
+ Enemies in rooms where there wasn't before
+ Respawning certain enemies
+ New items
Extra credits :
I created the whole mod, but this fellows has helped me
and his efforts has to be recognized :

- Rats and Nemesis EMD : Created by Andrew Coyte / Enrico
- Komizo lab : Rotten zombie texture
- PixelAvenger : Destiny rooms plus several editions on my side, visually and on the SCD in order to perform in a different way as it was intended
- Us3r_Cr0ft : Hunk animations
You can follow all my mods updates on my twitter too !
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Дата на публикация: 17 ноември, 2023
Категория: Игри
Ключови думи: The Last Escape игра evil mod тъпа playstation глупава Resident идиотска

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