Meghan Pulles - father, oh father (Official Lyric Video)

Listen to father, oh father by Meghan Pulles from her debut album "ear baby":

Written by Meghan Pulles

Father, oh father
Please hear my prayer
I pray for the day
When there won’t be fear

And someone will understand
Much more
Than anyone I’ve
Known before

And I am asking for
An extra blessing tonight
There’s so many people
In pain and in strife

I’ve heard that you can work miracles
So I’m calling out to you
Once more

Oh father

And there is a man I know
He’s sick in the hospital
Lord are you sitting with him
Cause that’s what I’ve heard you doing

And there’s a child
Who’s afraid
And she’s really like a fool

Or are you gonna
Hold her hand
Are you gonna
Hold her hand

Cause father,
I wait for you
In the middle of the night

Won’t you come
Take me to the light

Oh my father, oh father

When we are scared
Will you hold our hands
Give us strength to stand

When we are scared
Will you hold our hands
Give us strength
Strength to
Strength to

Strength to stand

Cause I don’t know
What the plan is
Father, no I don’t
Only you
Only you
Can fix this
Only you
Only you

Дата на публикация: 10 ноември, 2023
Категория: Музика
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