Sven Väth | "Hot & Melty" Clubnight (23.07.1994) (Techno/Trance Classics)

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Sven Väth (Born: 26 October 1964 in Obertshausen, Germany), is Germany's most enduring and accomplished DJ/producer. Since he began DJ'ing at the famous Dorian Gray club at the age of 18, Sven has created ripples through the world of electronic music in many ways: As co-founder of the trendsetting labels Eye Q Records, Harthouse and Cocoon Recordings; as owner of the clubs OMEN and Cocoon Club; and perhaps most importantly, as the godfather of Germany's trance and techno scene since its inception in the early 90s. Sven, like no other person in electronic dance music, has the ability to expose underground sounds to the mass population. His 14+ hour sets are the stuff of legend, and he will be DJ'ing parties until he is unable to physically operate a turntable - and even then he will be doing something innovative to propel electronic music into the new era.

Дата на публикация: 8 ноември, 2023
Категория: Музика
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