These Moments Are Actually In Fallout 3 Without You Knowing

Bethesda developers took care about these moments in Fallout 3 without you knowing - part 2.
Hidden details you (may have) missed in Fallout 3.

Time codes:

00:00 Mesmerize the Enclave Soldier

1:11 Bryan Wilks's New Family

1:35 Give Butch Your BB Gun

2:18 Jericho Reaction To The Vault 101 Suit

2:50 Activate The Purifier For Too Long

3:20 The Secret Stash Behind Megaton

3:42 The Only Animal Friend Perk Dialogue Option

4:08 Mesmerize Arkansas ...and Sam Warrick

4:30 Dad Reaction If You Run Out Of BB Ammo

5:02 Cannibal Perk Dialogue Option

5:57 A Joke From Bethesda

6:05 Lucas Simms Reaction To Vault Suit

6:26 The Only Low Intelligence Dialogue Option

6:53 Meet Three Dog After You Saved Dad

8:08 Vault Guards Reaction To The Open Vault Door

8:25 Come To Moira In The Mechanist Costume

9:12 Charon Refuses To Get The G.E.C.K

9:41 Thanks For Watching!


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