Japanese Drift Master: The Open World Drifting Game Set in Japan (Demo Gameplay)

This is a gameplay video of "Japanese Drift Master" demo version. Welcome to Japan, the drift capital of the world! Compete, drift, and race on miles of varied roads and winding mountain trails. Drive through towns nestled at the scenic Haikama Lake. Spend your savings on new cars and get a taste of Japanese tuning style.

Embark on a tire-screeching journey in "Japanese Drift Master," where the heart of Japan's automotive culture beats with every drift you master on the winding trails by scenic Haikama Lake​1​​. Immerse in an open world painted with a palette of speed, as you slide through the birthplace of drift racing, embracing the essence of velocity in a land where car tuning is an art form​. Your quest for drifting mastery is more than a race; it's a narrative of passion, precision, and the relentless pursuit of a name etched in the annals of the drifting realm​. As the sun sets, casting long shadows on the tracks, the roar of engines echoes the tales of drift legends in the making.

Developer: Gaming Factory
Publisher: Gaming Factory
Genre: Racing, Drifting, Driving, Open World, Simulation, Sports, Indie
Release Date: To be announced
Reviewed on: PC/Windows
Available on: PC/Windows

You can find Japanese Drift Master here:
🕹️Steam► https://store.steampowered.com/app/1153410/Japanese_Drift_Master/

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Дата на публикация: 10 октомври, 2023
Категория: Игри
Ключови думи: In The Game japan World Drift Gameplay Open master japanese Demo set Drifting

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