10 Years of DOS Gaming (Complete Series 1988-1997) The Biggest Retro Gaming Video on YouTube!

*This* video is all ten episodes of my early "10 Years of DOS Gaming" series rolled into one for those who enjoy these longer uploads. It's easily the biggest retro gaming video on YouTube consisting of around 600 games and nearly ten and a half hours of content. But if you've watched these as they were coming out over the last 12 months, then there's no new content here for you. Also original videos had every single game listed in chapters as opposed to years as in this one, and were all in 4k. *This* is only 720p because sadly I've lost all the original footage when my external disk died and YT only allowed me to download it in 720p. Sorry. xD

I make those videos in my spare time and currently need to replace my editing PC. If I manage to do that, I'll aim for the camera. So, if you like what I do here and feel generous, I would appreciate any help towards these goals. You can donate either via PayPal or support me on Patreon or even become a YouTube member. You don't have to though if you can't or don't feel like it. A like and subscribe is great too!

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Gameplay recordings that you've seen in this video as a background to my commentary in no small part came from amazing retro gaming related channels that do an amazing job preserving the classics for the future. They all deserve your subscription. They sure have mine! These are:


0:00 Intro to 10 Years of DOS Complete Series 1988-1997
0:48 1988
40:27 1989
1:28:25 1990
2:20:39 1991
3:10:30 1992
4:14:20 1993
5:36:58 1994
6:41:55 1995
8:06:03 1996
9:24:55 1997
10:24:41 Outro

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