Brill CD-52-TC 3405 test drive

1957 Canadian Car and Foundry. Model CD-52-TC Brill. (edit model CD-52A was incorrect)
BC Electric, Vancouver B.C. Owned by the Transit Museum Society.
One of two of the only known running CD-52-TC buses.
Engine: AEC AH-690 Horizontal underfloor engine.
Transmission: Spicer Torque Converter 2 speed. Top speed 35 MPH. The bus is going out for a test drive and refueling. This is the first time this bus has been out in the past year since having it's various coolant and heater lines replaced. There were still some issues with air in the system.

We started from Marine and Roseberry and went along Marine Way, across the Queensborough Bridge, along Hwy 91A, and finally to our destination at Annacis Island for fuel. We did have an overheat light come on. After our engine cooled down a bit we headed back to the garage.

Дата на публикация: 25 септември, 2023
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