Robyn Bennett - It's Not Over (Official Video)

"It's Not Over" is the 4th official video for Robyn Bennett and the 1st single from the album "Glow".
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Filmed at the Studio Est Lumière in Montreuil, France in September 2018. "It's Not Over" was directed and filmed by Marc Obin. It features Ben van Hille on trombone, Xavier Sibre on baritone sax, Jérôme Cornelis on guitar, Jeff Hallam on double bass, Stéphane Avellaneda on drums and Laurian Daire on keyboards.
Make-Up: Katia Ren

Music & Lyrics by Robyn Bennett and Ben van Hille

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✧ Lyrics ✧

Thinkin' about what it might have been
Thinkin about what you needed then
Thinkin' about all the hours and days
and the nights and the lights slippin' away so fast
that you just can't catch your breath again

But it's not over yet
Ohhh, no now it's not over yet
It's not over yet
Ohhh, no now it's not over yet

Thinkin' about when I was ten
Thinkin' about my future then
Thinkin' that every day was so long
How could I hold on to this dream when I was sure
I wouldn't be able to make it to thirty then

But it's not over yet
Ohhh, no now it's not over yet
Oh it's not over yet
Ohhh, no now it's not over yet

Tryin' hard to see the truth
Tryin' hard to be the one
who never looks back on her youth
I will not be those could've beens
Oh I will be the one who stays
and I will be the one who lasts

Thinkin' about where I have been
Thinkin' about the how and when
Thinkin' that every chance, every dance,
every song, every wrong is bringin' me oh so close,
It's bringin' me oh so close to what I am

But it's not over yet
Ohhh, no now it's not over yet
It's not over yet

Robyn Bennett is an American singer based in Paris, France and she has been making music for a long time ! She writes songs with her partner in life and work, the trombone player Ben van Hille and they perform regularly with 4 or 5 other fantastic musicians, usually Eric Delval on guitar, Stan Augris on drums, Laurian Daire on keys, Jean-Hervé Michel on saxophones (tenor and baritone) and Gino Chantoiseau on double bass. Robyn Bennett started out as Robyn Bennett & Bang Bang in 2013 and recorded 2 cds of original songs ("The Wait" in 2013 and "The Song is You" in 2016). Parting ways with the original guitarist and drummer in 2018, Robyn Bennett dropped the "Bang Bang" and recorded a 3rd cd of original songs, "Glow" which was released in 2019. You can currently find Robyn and her band touring around Europe (and elsewhere) spreading their groovy, feel-good, retro-yet-modern music. Just try not to smile. ;)

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