Pretenders - I Think About You Daily (Official Video)

Official video for I Think About You Daily, taken from Pretenders' brand new album 'Relentless'.

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I was in my prime
A lucky dog was I
Everything was going my way
The apple of many’s eye
I took my chances and I won
I gambled and stayed ahead
I never once looked back
Or had my fortune read

Now I think about you daily
But it only makes me sad
Things that got away
I treated you real bad
Now each morning when I wake up
It’s you that’s on my mind
You never can get over
Losing those you did unkind
I think about you daily

Time is like a hammer
It comes slow and then comes fast
And things that are too delicate
Are never gonna last
The time you took from me
I never saw it enter
Too distracted by a pretty face
I lost you and my centre

So let it go and move on down
That’s my advice to me
But I never could take good advice
It was ne’er my cup of tea
I’ll have to live with knowing
You never knew how much
I saw you like a rock
I couldn’t move or touch

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