Doom 3 (PC) - No Damage, No Soul Cube (Nightmare Difficulty)

Doom 3 (Original/2004) done without taking any damage on the 'Nightmare' difficulty setting without the usage of the Soul Cube in 27 segments (1 for each level).

This video is intended to be a game walkthrough, for the most part. Some specific strategies were used to avoid taking damage at any cost.

Notes and Q&As:
-How did you get the BFG-9000 early in the game for the Vagary boss fight? (00:39:36)
You can actually get the BFG in Alpha Labs Sector 1. After unlocking the 'Hydrocon Control' door with Bernie Lipsitz's PDA (at 00:25:30), quickly start moving and proceed to kill the first two Maggots in the 'Hydrocon Lab' as fast as you can, then quickly speedrun your way to the 'Hydrocon Observation' hallway and immediatly start shooting Campbell with the 'Machine Gun' until he "dies", he will then drop his BFG-9000 on the floor and you can pick it up and save it for the first boss fight.

-Sabaoth (Sarge) boss fight breakdown (02:17:03):
This was kind of a difficult one to pull off. Right at the start of the battle you have to aim at a specific spot with the Plasma Rifle in order to destroy the first BFG shot as fast as possible so it won't deal you any damage, right after that I start to move in a very specific way/pattern while shooting Sabaoth so I can lurk him to always do his melee atack so he doesn't fire any BFG shots (which would be very deadly), but at the same time his melee atack has a very far range, so my moves have to be very consistent and precise. At the end of the battle, Sabaoth will stand behind the pillar (if the pillar is active) and I can use that to my advantage and keep firing plasma shots untill he's dead, but I have to be very quick, otherwise he'll shoot his BFG and will deal me damage before he's dead.

-You may notice that I sometimes fall at a higher height than usual and I don't take any fall damage, that's because the developers seems to have manually edited the fall damage system for certain levels/places for convenience.

-My game does not look as good as yours, are you using a graphics mod?
No, this is vanilla Doom 3 running on max settings, no mods were used. A manual edit in the config file is required in order to enable Ultra graphics on your game as well as fixing the resolution for widescreen monitors.
Step-by-step instructions on how to do this are provided in my Doom 3 Review:

00:00:00 Intro/Main Menu
00:00:30 1 - Mars City
00:06:34 2 - Mars City Underground
00:12:46 3 - Mars City
00:17:05 4 - Administration
00:21:57 5 - Alpha Labs Sector 1
00:25:51 6 - Alpha Labs Sector 2
00:29:50 7 - Alpha Labs Sector 3
00:34:45 8 - Alpha Labs Sector 4
00:39:46 9 - Enpro Plant
00:48:41 10 - Communications Transfer
00:54:47 11 - Communications
01:04:40 12 - Monorail Skybridge
01:11:16 13 - Recycling Sector 2
01:19:12 14 - Monorail
01:26:01 15 - Delta Labs Sector 1
01:35:00 16 - Delta Labs Sector 2a
01:42:52 17 - Delta Labs Sector 2b
01:47:44 18 - Delta Labs Sector 3
01:52:41 19 - Delta Labs Sector 4
01:54:03 20 - Hell
02:04:12 21 - Delta Labs Sector 5
02:08:11 22 - Central Processing
02:13:23 23 - Central Server Banks
02:18:08 24 - Site 3
02:25:32 25 - Caverns Area 1
02:36:40 26 - Caverns Area 2
02:42:23 27 - Primary Excavation Site
02:46:27 Ending/Credits
02:49:26 Video Outro

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