Best Data Recovery Software in 2023 | Is it Recuva??

In today's video, I will share a compilation of the best data recovery software in 2023, especially for you. Free recovery tool, also works on Mac/Win/iOS, there is always one that fits you!

Here are the tools to download way:
1. AnyRecover (Free & Pro version):
2. Recuva (Free with limits):
3. TestDisk and PhotoRec (Freeware):

00:00 Intro - What is Recuva?
00:40 Is Recuva Free and Safe? Recuva Review
01:56 AnyRecover (Best overall for Mac & PC & iPhone)
02:48 TestDisk (Best freeware)
03:29 PhotoRec (Best freeware)

1. Recuva (Free with limits)
- Free to download and Use
- scan various storage devices, recover files that have not been overwritten.
- Safe
- supported only Windows
- Can't open the recovered file directly
- Unable to recover files from crashed systems.

2. AnyRecover (Best Overall):
- Support both Windows and macOS, includes iPhone Data recovery
- Work well with wide-range internal and external drives, SD cards, camcorders, mobile phones, MP4
- 100% Safe, and 97% Recovery Success Rate
- Preview to check the files
-Not Free Recovery, but FREE Scan&Preview

3. TestDisk
- Free to download and Use
- supports Windows, Linux, and macOS
- able to boot non-booting disks
- Difficult interface
- Low recovery rate

4. PhotoRec
- Recover the files that have been severely damaged
- Free
- security risks to recover data
- Command-line of the interface

If you need a convenient interface with the ability to preview the file, and you can pay attention to Anyrecover, because it's single license can be used on both Mac and PC, the most Cost-effective

Top 5 Recuva Alternatives

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