GTA IV on PC is a joke (Ultimate Guide)

The commonly criticized GTA 4 port is an absolute mess. Today I try to cover the more specific & lesser-known reasons as to why it's filth. And then I aim to guide viewers into fixing the lil turd.

📝 - Notes - 📝
- There are a few more mods I would highly recommend using outside of this video
Various Fixes:
Liberty Tweaks:
These will most likely be included in the downgrader in the future & thus I didn't mention them, I wanted this video to age properly. This is like my 3rd guide for this game, lol

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The Downgrader:
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(BLG) PS3 Gameplay:
(BLG) Xbox 360 Gameplay:
(Fuzion Xbox Testing) Xbox Series X Gameplay:
(SQ3X) Xbox Series X Final Mission Bug:
(LowEndPotato) Low End PC Gameplay:
(CowBoy69) Xbox vs PC Screenshots:
(Michael McWhertor) GTA IV Music Removal Article:
GTA IV Radio Wiki:
(nuburb) Annihilator Kills:
(Duality) Ground PVP:
(catsmackatwo) Clown Clip:
(GTA Series Videos) Multiplayer Clothing:
(Spicer-Vice) GTA IV Online Removal Article:
(Rockstar Games) Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer Trailer:
(Rockstar Games) Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Trailer:
(Rockstar Games) GTA Online: The Contract Trailer:
(catsmackaroo) Online in Latest Patch:
(catsmackatwo) Ground PVP:
(catsmackatwo) Buzzard Kills:

⌛ - Timestamps - ⌛
0:00 - The Why & How
4:10 - Ultimate Guide | Downgrading
4:52 - Ultimate Guide | Quick Notes
6:01 - Ultimate Guide | Performance
6:25 - Ultimate Guide | Final Tweaks
7:03 - Outro

🎶 - Music - 🎶
Mason Lindroth - Tomb (Hylics OST)
kliksphilip - Crossing Those Islands
Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow - Pause Menu Theme (GTA V OST)
Steventhedreamer - Synchobonk
Scattle - frosty

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The GTA IV Modding Community

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