Half-Life 2 build 2187 full playthrough

Playthrough of 2004 retail version of HL2, without commentary.

Half-Life 2 as it was experienced on the release day on November 16, 2004.
Compared to Steam version, it has different shaders, particles, vortiguant models, Alyx model, Gman model, no HDR, no achievements.

Protocol version 6
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 12:18:31 Nov 2 2004 (2187)

read readme.txt

Compared to BitRain's version of build 2187,
this has no HUD bugs and it's playable from start to finish without crashes.

On modern hardware, there are some issues with flashlight and underwater rendering.

1:20 Intro
2:21 Point Insertion
15:02 A Red Letter Day
25:04 Route Kanal
52:31 Water Hazard
1:32:17 Black Mesa East
1:47:33 We Don't Go To Ravenholm...
2:21:17 Highway 17
2:52:39 Sandtraps
3:25:58 Nova Prospekt
3:47:00 Entanglement
4:22:47 Anticitizen One
5:12:25 Follow Freeman!
5:52:59 Our Benefactors
6:09:22 Dark Energy
6:22:09 Credits

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