18 Foot Great White Shark Grabs Female Tourist Off Boat!

18 Foot Great White Shark Grabs Female Tourist Off Boat!

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Australia lies the idyllic town of Byron Bay. Renowned for its stunning beaches and world-famous surf breaks, this paradise lures adventurers and water enthusiasts from across the globe. However, it is also important to note that it is among the locations with the highest number of shark attacks.
Our first story will delve into the heart-stopping tale of a fearless young surfer, Sarah Anderson, and her fateful encounter with a predator lurking beneath the waves. For this young woman, surfing had always been her refuge—where she could find solace and freedom. But little did she know that her peace would forever be shaken by a pair of very hungry jaws.
It was a bright summer morning, August 7th, 1981, when Sarah Andreson, an experienced and passionate surfer, paddled out into the turquoise waters of Belongil Beach. She had gotten a day off from work and decided that she would not spend it lounging around at home but on the beach, in the sun, along with a friend. She and her friend Amanda arrived at Belongil Beach sometime around noon, leaving their board and personal belongings on the beach while they had a bite to eat. After about 20 minutes, they added some extra wax to their surfboards and carried them into the water.

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