Swimming dog makes friends with wild dolphins in The Bahamas (unbelievably true story).

On a tiny Bahamian island called Bimini, not so long ago, a dog was born. That dog was Sandy....a dolphin dog. Although a stray, Sandy infiltrated into our hearts and home, always wanting to be part of what is happening at our WildQuest retreat centre. She started coming on our boat DolphinQuest at the beginning or end of the season when we went out with just the crew, and she would jump in the water with no fear, excitedly swimming with the dolphins and us in the open ocean. So adorable to watch her talking to the dolphins from the bow of the boat, ears all up and forehead scrunched. And we were amazed to see how the dolphins totally accepted her in the water, swimming around her, making friends and playing.

Many of you who've visited us at WildQuest know Sandy well and have spent many enjoyable moments together at our retreat centre or walking on the beach. Many many happy times together. We made this video as a small tribute celebrating our love for Sandy as she moves onto new adventures with her new adoptive family. Thank you Sandy we love you. Our WildQuest dolphin dog ❤️🐬🐕

Camera: Atmoji
Music: 'Yin Yang' and 'Poem to the Beloved'
from the album Soft the Touch
Courtesy of Presence
For more info: devasurahbhi@gmail.com

https://www.wildquest.com provides week-long retreats swimming with wild dolphins in The Bahamas.

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Дата на публикация: 23 август, 2023
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