Making The Iconic Chanel Slingback From Start to Finish | Every Step to Make | Vogue France

Vogue France heads to Milan and the Italian luxury factory of Roveda, in this new episode of Every Step to Make. This series opens the doors to the workshops of fashion artisans and reveals all the steps required to create an iconic piece. In episode three, we explore the legendary sling back shoes, which are entirely covered with rhinestones. The history of this accessory goes as far back as 1957, when Mademoiselle Chanel decided to add an extra touch to a woman's look by creating these two-tone strappy shoes, with a real graphic trick: the beige lengthens the leg while the black shortens the foot. Mademoiselle Chanel even used to say; "They are the last point of elegance." ! Fast-forward to spring-summer 2023 and Virginie Viard has redesigned them in shine, all in rhinestones. An original touch, which is revealed thanks to the know-how of these Italian craftsmen...

Director & Director of Photography: Simon Meheust - Tsygan et Dezik
Producer: Amaury Delcambre
Recording & Sound Design: Hubert Rey-Grange
2e Camera Operator: Isaac Mazeran
Post producer: Agathe Romain
Editor: Robinson Doumbouya - Tsygan et Dezik
Sound Design: Simon Meheust - Tsygan et Dezik,
Motion Design: Gabriel Delmas
Motion Design Assistant: Hannae Khennoussi
Video Development: Louise des Ligneris
Production Lead: Stéphanie Amaya
Video Operations Manager: Axelle de Benedittis
Head of Video: Thomas Leroy
Head of Editorial Content: Eugénie Trochu

Thanks to Roveda and Chanel

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Дата на публикация: 22 август, 2023
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